Soundtracks for Learning

This book is currently unavailable. Contact Chris at for information.

The guidebook for using music to enhance learning.
Music expert Chris Brewer provides tried-and-true ways for using music to produce dynamic learning experiences. 
With this complete how-to guide you will—
  • understand why music makes learning easier
  • discover how to increase memory of facts, energize attention, and motivate learning in your classroom
  • get over 150 easy-to-do techniques that enliven your teaching
  • bring enthusiasm and joy into your class


Here’s what you’ll find in the 278-page book
Chapter 1
Music as a Classroom Modifier: How, When, Where
Chapter 2
Sound Selections for Success: Taking Note of What Works
 Chapter 3
Prepare for Learning: Music for Attention, Attitude and Atmosphere
 Chapter 4
Get the Facts: Musical Presentations and Reviews
Chapter 5
Music to Activate Learning
Sound Advice Appendices
Sound Advice for Getting Started
Sound Suggestions (Music Lists)
Sound Styles
Resources and Index






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