Music as a Classroom Modifier

Most likely, you already use music in your life to enhance your mood, change your energy level, motivate you to get things done, and connect with others. By using the same ideas in teaching, you and your students will immediately reap benefits from intentional use of music in your classroom.

Ask yourself: When music does so much for us, why would we go to school or work for eight hours and turn it off?

The great thing is that we don’t have to turn it off. We can integrate music into the classroom to enhance the learning experience and advance our goal of improving academic success.

The mood-creating magic and energizing effects of music can be used educationally to heighten attention, increase focus, and support memory. Music can encourage positive attitudes and establish an atmosphere of community that motivates learning. When learning goals have been accomplished, music is there to help us celebrate. Music carries our success onward and, along the way, music makes learning fun.


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