Prepare for Learning

Your lesson plans are on hand. Materials are set up. Students have arrived, and the clock says go. Looks like you’re ready to teach!

But are your students ready to learn? Do they feel comfortable and safe in the classroom? Are they motivated to learn? Do they have the energy and attention needed to stay focused? And equally important–can you help students stay ready for learning throughout the long school day?

Preparing learners to learn is an essential part of classroom management. While teaching starts with developing plans and gathering materials, learning begins with a welcoming classroom atmosphere, positive attitudes, and focused attention.

But learning preparation doesn’t end after a cheery morning welcome. The school day has a dynamic flow involving shifts in attention and energy levels that can influence learning success. Ensuring that students are ready and able to learn, while sustaining your energy for teaching, is a daylong effort. There are ways ways to use music that make energy and attention management easy.

Classroom management – keeping everything and everyone in line is another essential task. We develop routines to lead students through daily lessons and to make sure student behavior supports learning. Sometimes it seems like this disciplinary role takes too much class time and we feel frustrated. Sometimes our routine stops being effective and learning suffers. An easy solution to such classroom management challenges is to let music be the classroom conductor. We can use songs or instrumental music as sound cues that make classroom directions fun to follow and encourage better cooperation from students.

Find how-to’s in Welcoming Music and More Ways to Prepare . . . to show you how you can:

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages positive learning attitudes
  • Gain attention and help students maintain learning focus
  • Shift energy and attention to optimal levels
  • Make classroom management fun and effective
  • Motivate and connect students to the learning content

Watch for more welcoming ideas on my blog or purchase Soundtracks for Learning to get started now.

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