Welcoming Music

From Soundtracks for Learning, Preparing the Learner Soundtracks 

Welcoming music is probably the easiest of all the musical classroom management techniques. These inviting sounds prepare students for learning using non-instructional time. Simply select music that sets the desired atmosphere and energy level and play it as students enter the classroom. You can also play music throughout the day to get the same positive effects. There are many ways to vary welcoming music that provide opportunities for fun, exploration, and student involvement. Best of all, students will want to come to class just to see what kind of a welcome they get! Check out the Sound Suggestions section for more specific ideas about which music to use!

Learner Preparation Outcomes:

  • Create a positive atmosphere (Set the Learning Mood)
  • Establish student comfort in the classroom
  • Set the desired energy level (Set the Learning Pace)

When to Use:

  • Before class
  • During a break
  • When students re-enter the classroom


Try a Set-the-Scene welcoming approach:

Set-the-Scene welcoming music gets the day off to a good start by establishing a positive atmosphere that helps students feel comfortable and ready to learn. These music use ideas can get students in a positive learning mood, set the energy level needed, and motivate student participation.

Here a way to Set-the-Scene:

 Common Ground

Students won’t always be at the same energy level at the same time. A highly useful technique for preparing them to learn is to play welcoming music that sets a common ground of energy and attention. This music will help to energize lethargic students, stabilize those who are over-energized, and relax those who feel hurried, upset, nervous, or negative about learning. Once you have everyone at approximately the same level of attention and energy, you can begin your learning sessions confident that students are in a similar state of readiness.

How to get students on Common Ground

  1. Play instrumental music that has mid-level energy and enthusiastically invites students to learn, puts them at ease, and sets a positive mood. Songs can be used if the lyrics express positive attitudes or support learning goals.
  2. Fade the music volume down slowly when you are ready for class to begin.

Sound Suggestions

General Use: Mid-Level Energy (Set the Learning Pace, Sound Suggestions)

Mood-Matching Soundtracks (Set the Learning Page, Sound Suggestions)

More Set-the-Scene welcoming ideas 

  • Can’t Wait
  • Ear-Cleaning Welcome
  • Tuning into Students


You’ll find more Welcoming techniques in Soundtracks for Learning such as:

Set-the-Theme Songs techniques

  • Theme for the Day
  • Topical Theme Songs
  • We Can Do It! Theme
  • Intriguing Scene Themes


Watch for more welcoming ideas on my blog or purchase Soundtracks for Learning to get started now.

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