Resources and Research

An evolution in the science of learning has transformed our understanding of how we think, learn, and remember. Part of this evolution is a growing body of research on how the brain and body function in learning and the impact emotions have on our thinking.

Thanks to the inspiration of ongoing scientific discoveries, innovative educators have developed and integrated successful research-based teaching methods that offer students expanded opportunities to learn and grow. We now have a vision of enriched education that supports the development of each learner’s unique abilities and life passions. This has led to new teaching approaches that emphasizes holistic, brain-body learning and places special attention on the creation of a mentally, physically, and emotionally supportive environment. In such a design, music plays a key role.


4 Comments on “Resources and Research

  1. Hi I’m doing a research paper on this very topic I’ve been needing help to understand how this helps us. Do we need to listen to certain music genres or can it be anything we want? I would like it very much if I could have a interview in order for my questions to be answered fully. Please and thank you for your time.


    • Hi Kayla. These are good questions and important ones to have looked at closely when choosing to add music into the learning environment. There are some resources that will help you with this. You can go through the website pages listed under the Sound Suggestions tab for ideas about specific music uses. To go beyond that into the why of it all–check out the two books by Daniel Levitin listed under Resources page (Research and Resources tab). These have a lot of information that would answer your questions. I’ve also provided more in-depth information in my book, Soundtracks for Learning. Once you’ve had a chance to review some of these resources let me know and, if you still have questions, we can do an interview. You can contact me at I’m glad you are pursuing the use of music in learning! It can be a tremendous tool. Best, Chris


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