Sounds-Like Suggestions

Use your creativity to pick music to create a sound memory for your students. If you get stumped, check out the Green Book of Songs by Subject Matter at These songs have lyrics that relate in some way to your topic. You need to check out the suggestions as some work better than others but it’s a great starting place–and it’s kept up with current new tunes.

I have found that instrumental music works well, too. These pieces project the ‘feeling’ of a topic and get students attention. The following contemporary and classical selections provide auditory associations for a variety of topics and are some of my favorites. Listen to them for ideas and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Some Suggestions

Deep Breakfast, Ray Lynch (synthesized music in various moods)
Echoes of Nature series, Delta Laserlight (nature sounds)
Excalibur, Medwyn Goodall
Galaxies, Kevin Braheny (space, exploration, wonder, general use for reflection)
Greatest Science Fiction Hits, especially volume 5, Neil Norman and His Cosmic Orchestra (space, exploration, bold adventure)
Music for Creative Dance, multiple volumes, Eric Chappelle (various moods)
The Planets, especially #2 and #7, Gustav Holst (many moods)
The Stargazer’s Journey, Jonn Serrie (space, exploration, general use)
Summon the Heroes, John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra (heroic, triumphant, adventure)
Twilight Zone TV theme song, John Williams (mysterious)
The Very Best of Rondo Veneziano, Rondo Venziano (adventure, urgency, happy, various others)
“Whacked out Conspiracy” from the Madagascar soundtrack, Hans Zimmer and Heitor Pereira (adventure, detective-like)

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